SÜLZLE – convincing across generations

Our career began in Rosenfeld, Germany, where our headquarters are still located today: In 1880, Wilhelm Sülzle laid the foundation for our company with his forge business at the Rosenfeld market square. This was the first combination of what has over time become our trademark: commercial knowledge and technical expertise. Today, this knowledge is wide-spread: a small operation has grown into a powerful company with about 1.000 employees that has been managed successfully by the founding family for four generations.

Tradition and innovation as a path to success

And the SÜLZLE group has continued to grow after the change of the century. Managed by Andreas and Heinrich Sülzle, the company network has been expanded, resulting in a corporate group joining steel, energy and ideas into a symbiosis. We continually invest in machinery, office organisation and staff development at all our locations and combine years of experience with modern concepts and new ideas. Because the most important factor for growth is innovation: each year, we apply for patents for developments, shaping tomorrow’s technologies.

What matters

Then and now alike, values such as quality or reliability aren’t empty promises, but our basis for creating individual, custom solutions for you every day.

SÜLZLE history


1880 Wilhelm Christian Sülzle

At the Rosenfeld market square, Wilhelm Christian Sülzle opens his forge business where multiple journeymen work and apprentices are trained


Retail business opens with iron forge and houseware


1922 Wilhelm Karl Sülzle heiratet Maria Schneider

Wilhelm Sülzle taken over by son Wilhelm Karl (in current Sülzle building)



Workshop (and the first industrial building in Rosenfeld) constructed next to the current city hall


Warehouse constructed between the “Fruchtkasten” storehouse and former city hall


1953 Heinrich Blickle & Helmut Sülzle

Restructuring of the company; Wilhelm Karl Sülzle divides his company into three divisions:
–    Helmut Sülzle Eisenwaren
–    Wilhelm Sülzle Landmaschinen und Riemenverbinder
–    Heinrich Blickle Süro Gerätebau




Helmut Sülzle and his brother-in-law Heinrich Blickle purchase the Rosenfeld Fruchtkasten


Death of Wilhelm Karl Sülzle


1961 Helmut Sülzle Edith Sülzle

Helmut Sülzle marries Edith Sülzle, née Mayer


Warehouse for iron and steel constructed on Hauffstraße in Rosenfeld


After Helmut Sülzle’s death, Edith Sülzle continues operations with her employees and with the aid of her entire family


Heinrich Sülzle, the family’s eldest son, completes his business administration studies and joins the company as management alongside his mother


After completing his business administration studies, Hartmut Sülzle, the youngest son, takes over management of the hardware department


After completing his mechanical engineering degree and as a trained welding engineer, Andreas Sülzle also enters the company, taking over the management of production and operations in steel distribution, as well as the rebar fab shop


2000 Gründung der Firma Stahlpartner Dornstetten

Stahlpartner Dornstetten founded


2002 Sülzle Stahlhandel Dusslingen

Helmut Sülzle GmbH acquires Steim Eisenhandel Dusslingen (now Sülzle Stahlhandel Dusslingen)


2003 Sülzle Stahlhandel GmbH Pforzheim

Founding of Sülzle Stahlhandel GmbH Pforzheim


Founding of Sülzle Stahlhandel GmbH Denkendorf


2007 Partnerbetrieb STP Aichach GmbH

Mr German Reimer, in collaboration with Helmut Sülzle GmbH, founds STP Aichach GmbH


2008 Heinrich und Andreas Sülzle

Helmut Sülzle GmbH acquires the Kopf companies


2010 Sülzle Nutzeisen GmbH in Sulz am Neckar

Ralf Grau and Thomas Hiechinger found Sülzle Nutzeisen GmbH in Sulz am Neckar in collaboration with Stahlpartner Sülzle


2011 Nordhausen

Acquisition of Gerhard Dittmar GmbH & Co. KG in Nordhausen


2012 Bad Schönborn

Acquisition of the former F+G steel rebar fab shops in Bad Schönborn


2012 Dessau-Roßlau

Acquisition of the former steel rebar fab shop CMC in Dessau-Roßlau


2013 Grasellenbach

Acquisition of Eisen-Dörsam in Grasellenbach


Standort im rheinland-pfälzischen Niederfischbach

Acquisition of Klein Technical Solutions GmbH in Niederfischbach



Acquisition of the rebar fabshop Max Schön in Lübeck – Opening of the first Sülzle Stahlpartner branch in the north of Germany


SÜLZLE settles down in France by taking over the French manufacturer of drawing meshes, SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION, with two locations.


SÜLZLE Stahlpartner opens a new branch in Seelze near Hannover and , thus, has 13 branches all over Germany since.


Takeover of the Hagmeyer Stahlcenter in Geislingen an der Steige, now known as SÜLZLE Hagmeyer GmbH.


Takeover of the STAHL Ehrenfriedersdorf GmbH & Co. KG in the Ore Mountains, now known as SÜLZLE Stahl Ehrenfriedersdorf GmbH.


SÜLZLE Stahlpartner takes over of the Rebar Fab Shop from Eisen-Pfeiffer in Stockach at Lake Constance and has thus 15 locations all over Germany since.