Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch: For a society in which differences are normal

Aktion Mensch is committed to more inclusion. What does this mean? A society in which people with and without disabilities live together as a matter of course: whether at school, at work or in their leisure time. In this society they should all decide for themselves how they want to live. And everyone should have the opportunity to develop freely and show their abilities. To make this possible for everyone everywhere, barriers must disappear. This means, for example, that wherever there are stairs, there must also be ramps or elevators.

With the income from the social lottery, Aktion Mensch supports up to 1,000 social projects for people with disabilities every month. This makes it Germany’s largest private funding organization in the social sector.

  • Support of social projects

    Aktion Mensch supports up to 1,000 social projects a month: from an inclusive summer party, to toddlers’ groups for children with and without disabilities, to the barrier-free conversion of sports fields and club buildings. With every project, Aktion Mensch makes a contribution to a natural coexistence and fair chances for all.

  • Promotion of ideas and values

    Inclusion is a matter of the heart for Aktion Mensch. It is precisely with this that it wants to reach the minds of people. Through videos, educational materials and various campaigns it shows: A society in which differences are normal brings advantages for EVERYONE!

  • Guide and platform for information exchange

    Various online offers provide opportunities for information, assistance and exchange: For example, the family guide is aimed at people with disabilities and their relatives. The “Easy for All” campaign informs programmers how a website should be optimally designed for people with visual impairments, among others.

  • Financing through the lottery

    Approximately 4 million lottery participants make the versatile and effective use for inclusion possible for Aktion Mensch. In this way, both sides win: The sponsored projects and the participants.

SÜLZLE supports Aktion Mensch

In 2019, the SÜLZLE Group and its employees supported up to 1,000 social projects a month with annual lots from Aktion Mensch. We are happy to be able to help Aktion Mensch with their great campaigns and their commitment to more inclusion in our society and at the same time have the chance to win great prizes.

Aktion Mensch