Temporary production site supplied


SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION involved with the construction of the Boßlertunnel

The new route Wendlingen-Ulm within the large-scale project „Stuttgart 21“, which is being built at present, is a railway line in Germany that will pass directly through the mountain. The longest tunnel of the route is the Boßlertunnel with a length of 8.806 meters. The construction of the twin tube tunnel construction requires an enormous amount of precast concrete parts for the segmental lining. The order for the production of these segments has been assigned to the ARGE PTS Boßlertunnel (PTS = precast tunnel segments), a joint venture of of MABA and Porr.

The ARGE specially built a temporary production site in close proximity to the tunnel. In this production site, the reinforcement cages from SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION have – in combination with concrete – been processed to the tunnel walls. The precast concrete parts improve speed and security at the mechanical tunnel drive.

SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION delivered about 900 tons of tubbings to this production site from October 2017 until March 2018. In Drulingen, 40 rings per week have been produced for the production of the reinforcement cages.

Since the production site in Aichelberg will no longer be needed when the project is finished, the subsequent use of all the components has been considered during the conceptualisation already. After the final completion of the Boßlertunnel, the production site will be removed completely and the area will be renaturated.