SÜLZLE Group supports the “Hope” cycling and mountaineering expedition as a partner


Expedition “Hope” has started.

The first stage: Heinrich Sülzle on tour with climate cyclist Michael Evertz in Berlin. One man – one bike – on the road on behalf of sustainability. The starting signal for the “Hope” expedition on 22 April (international “Earth Day”) was directly at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The “Hope Bicycle Caravan”, consisting of over many cyclists, accompanied Evertz on his first stage to Potsdam. Along the Great Wannsee and the Havel, there was a lively exchange about Evertz’s remarkable bike tour. His destination at the Cape of Good Hope is no less than 30.000 km away. In between, 30 countries and an incredible 800 days. His motives are impressive: “I want to make people all over the world aware of how important it is that we finally start working together and cooperating. Together for a better and sustainable world.”

On the afternoon of 22 April, the cyclists were expected in Potsdam. The conference “Common Cause Summit for our Planet Earth” was opened by Prof. Mark Lawrence. After an introductory lecture by Prof. Ortwin Renn, expedition initiator Michael Evertz from Starnberg had his say. A panel discussion with top-class guests followed. After a great day, Evertz continued on his green bike and Sülzle returned. The next meeting is already planned. On his Black Forest stage, Michael Evertz will make a stop in Rosenfeld on 12 May. The SÜLZLE Group supports the cycling and mountaineering expedition “Hope” as a partner.

Follow the exciting tour at https://expedition-hope.earth/