Stuttgart 21 – Reinforcement for the first chalice-shaped pillars

Work at Stuttgart’s main railway station is progressing

After a sample pillar was tested at the end of 2015 by all parties involved for its strength, color, and surface finish, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner from Denkendorf, the rebar fab shop for this project, is now about to enter the crucial phase. The construction of the chalice-shaped pillars characterizing the station hall takes place in several stages.

The reinforcing steel for the first pillar feet was delivered in April, following the construction of a huge base plate section with about 2,000 tonnes of concrete reinforcement steel. In terms of reinforcement technology, each pillar is a masterpiece. The pillars are designed to bear the station roof and the “light eyes” allowing daylight to enter the railway platform. 28 of these chalice-shaped pillars will be erected in the Stuttgart railway station, 27 of them will have “light eyes”. One special chalice and 14 boundary chalices will be constructed as well.

Ed. Züblin AG relies on SÜLZLE Stahlpartner as a specialist for high bending accuracy and special rebar shapes. Around 68,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel and about 100,000 screw connections will be delivered by 2021 for the new underground train station. The complexity of this large-scale project is scheduled to be made visible and perceptible this year, not only in footage, but also through an interesting S21 tour in cooperation with Züblin.