SÜLZLE – nominated for the “2016 Grand Prix of small and medium-sized enterprises”

Already for the 22nd time the Oskar Patzelt Foundation is seeking the best small or middle-sized enterprise of the year. The SÜLZLE Group has been nominated among the candidates for the „2016 Grand Prix for small and medium-sized enterprises“!

Since its first award in 1995, the “Grand Prix for small and medium-sized enterprises” has become one of the most important German competitions for middle-sized enterprises. The yearly contest specifically asks not only about business success, or key business or innovation figures, but evaluates the business in its entirety and its role in society. Competition criteria are:
• Total development of the company
• Creation and protection of jobs and traineeships/apprenticeship
• Innovation and modernisation
• Commitment to the local region (corporate citizenship)
• Service, customer focus, marketing

Businesses cannot apply themselves for the award. One in a thousand businesses in Germany is nominated. With this nomination a business joins the corporate elite in Germany. The award ceremony takes place in September and October of each year.

The goals of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation are to promote a culture of corporate independence based on the motto “healthy small and medium-sized businesses – strong economy – more employment“ and respect and recognition of entrepreneurial activities and virtues.