SÜLZLE Stahlpartner rises to dizzying heights

SÜLZLE Stahlpartner is providing the reinforcing steel for the construction of the 244 meter high test tower of the elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Rottweil. The general contractor is Ed. Züblin AG, the foundation stone for the project was laid on 16 December.

However, the project is first going underground – the reinforcement work is commencing with a two-meter thick base plate 30 meters below ground. Only once this is in place, the tower, which will have a diameter of 21 meters, can grow into the sky. The building is constructed by applying the slip form method – with this method, which is preferably used for high buildings, the formwork is not repositioned floor by floor but continuously pushed upwards on the growing building. This requires an uninterrupted concrete supply process. The tower is expected to grow by around 3.60 meters per day until June next year. Then the intermediate ceilings will be installed in the building.

SÜLZLE Stahlpartner makes sure that the required material reaches the construction site on time: a total of approximately 2,400 tonnes of round bar steel and 2,250 threaded couplers are provided by the company sites in Rosenfeld and Dusslingen. “We are not only one of Germany’s largest reinforcement steel dealers and rebar fab shops and are in contact with many European steel mills,” said Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Director of the SÜLZLE group. “With our sites we are also close to customers and projects and with our own vehicle fleet we can ensure quick and reliable delivery.”

The reinforcement work is expected to be completed by December 2015. ThyssenKrupp Elevator wants to use the tower for the development and testing of new high-speed elevators. These are in great demand around the world because of the increasingly higher buildings that are built in cities that all require appropriate mobility solutions. The tower is also intended as a tourist attraction – at a height of 232 meters it will contain Germany’s highest observation platform with an all-round view of the entire region.

Testturm ThyssenKrupp

Image: This is what the completed test tower of ThyssenKrupp will look like one day – with a height of 244 meters it will impressively enhance the cityscape of Rottweil.

Image source: ©ThyssenKrupp