Cleaner water and less consumption of firewood in Malawi

As a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate, SÜLZLE offsets its CO₂ emissions by supporting the VPA 37 Improved Kitchen Regimes project in Malawi, among other projects.

The vast majority of the population in Malawi relies exclusively on boiling with firewood for cooking and purifying their drinking water, which has far-reaching ecological, social and economic impacts. For this reason, providing a safe and reliable groundwater supply has numerous positive impacts on communities, including reducing the need to use firewood for water purification, reducing smoke-related health risks associated with the use of traditional three-stone fires, and improving gender equality by reducing the amount of time women spend fetching water.
Project developer CO2balance is working with a major international NGO in Malawi to implement the project in line with public needs with a strong focus on community engagement and empowerment. In addition to providing a safe water supply, testing water quality, and training local water resource committees on basic maintenance, local partners educate the rural population in Dowa and Kasungu on the importance of and reasons for proper sanitation and hygiene. The project activity can save an average of 10,000 tons of CO2 e annually.

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