Climate cyclists on a stage stop in Rosenfeld


After Michael Evertz started the “Expedition Hope” on 22 April 2023 in the capital at the Brandenburg Gate, he now stopped at the Rosenfeld SÜLZLE Group on his Black Forest stage on 12 May. He was welcomed by the mayor of Rosenfeld Thomas Miller and Heinrich Sülzle, the managing partner of the SÜLZLE Group. Evertz told them about his vision: “I want to make people all over the world aware of how important it is that we finally start working together and cooperating. Together for a better and sustainable world.” At his reception in Rosenfeld, the trainees and the SÜLZLE sustainability team had the opportunity to talk to the initiator. After a fortifying Swabian lunch, Evertz then continued on his green bicycle towards Feldberg. His final destination at the Cape of Good Hope, however, is no less than 30,000 km away. In between, 30 countries and an incredible 800 days. The journey will also take him to the World Climate Conference, which will take place in Dubai on 30 November 2023.

The SÜLZLE Group is supporting the cycling and mountaineering expedition “Hope” as a partner. “Climate protection is one of the most important tasks of our time. We wish Evertz many valuable encounters for his exciting tour and a safe journey at all times. Only through communication, cooperation and collaboration can we keep climate protection going in the long term,” says Heinrich Sülzle.

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