SÜLZLE Hagmeyer

Highest process reliability for sawing and drilling

SÜLZLE Hagmeyer relies on intelligent saw-drilling machine


Since 2018 the new saw-drill machine of the manufacturing company “Kaltenbach” is in operation at SÜLZLE Hagmeyer in Geislingen an der Steige. Thanks to its intelligent material measurement integrated in the clamping system, it guarantees maximum safety during machining. But this is not the only point on which the system has been able to convince in recent months: with two horizontal and one vertical drilling axes including an automated tool changing system, it drills holes in diameters from 6.8 mm to 40 mm quickly and reliably and mills oblong holes from a diameter of 8 mm. The use of carbide and solid carbide drills also significantly reduces production times. The sawing function of the system offers several advantages as well. For example, several rods can be sawn to the same fixed length at the same time, thus enabling flexible production of the highest quality.