Important stages of the combined solution have been completed


SÜLZLE Stahlpartner supplies innovative local transport concept in Karlsruhe

Several important stages of the combined solution have been completed in the last few working days of 2017: The final spurt for the shell of the sub-project Stadtbahntunnel beneath Kaiserstraße with the southern branch into Ettlinger Straße has already begun. According the KASIG – the Karlsruhe Rail Infrastructure Company – the work that began this April and is scheduled until the end of 2021 is still on schedule for the „reconstruction of the Kriegsstraße“ subproject with an above-ground track and a car tunnel.

Since November 2017, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner has delivered the first orders from the Pforzheim and Dornstetten branches at a total of around 19.000 tons of reinforcing steel for this construction project. Currently, more than 150 tons of steel and mesh are delivered weekly. The oversized bent steel bars are transported to Karlsruhe by special transporters known as inloaders.