SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is pleased to now be able to offer its customers CO2-neutral reinforcing steel, thus setting an example for climate protection.

Pioneer in France in CO2-neutral reinforcing steel

SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is a climate neutral company


SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION, French subsidiary of the SÜLZLE Group based in Germany, has officially been a climate-neutral company since 2021. As an active member of the organization “Le Coq Vert”, a community of Bpifrance and ADEME, SOTRALENTZ is also jointly committed to ecological change with other companies. To this end, the specialist for reinforcing steel, wire mesh and tubbings based in Drulingen in eastern France has consistently analyzed, reduced and compensated for its climate-relevant emissions. “As one of the first companies in our industry, we have also been offering our customers the option of purchasing CO2-neutral reinforcing steel since September 2021,” says SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION Managing Director Olivier Schmitt. “We see it as our duty to set an example for climate protection,” adds Schmitt.

Société Nouvelle SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION S.A.R.L. has been part of the German SÜLZLE Group since 2016. For the medium-sized group of companies with over 140 years of company history, sustainable business is a central concern: The SÜLZLE Group has already almost completely neutralized its climate. The French subsidiary is now following suit. “To achieve this goal, we determined our carbon footprint together with the consultancy Fokus Zukunft. Wherever possible, we have reduced it directly, including by investing in new, more energy-efficient machinery,” explains Schmitt. In addition, unavoidable emissions are offset with the help of climate protection certificates, which the company uses to support projects that have a positive impact on the global carbon footprint – from reforestation to water treatment and infrastructure to the generation of renewable energies.

“We are pleased that, after most German sites, SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION has now also achieved climate neutrality – and as a nationwide pioneer in its industry.”

Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Partner of the SÜLZLE Group

“As a family business, we want to set a good example when it comes to sustainability – and not just in Germany, but wherever we are active. After all, climate protection knows no borders.”
For its customers throughout Europe, SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is also now offering the option of purchasing CO2-neutral steel. A climate protection contribution made by the customer per ton of reinforcing steel supplied offsets the CO2 emissions generated during steel production and further processing. “For us, sustainability starts with the foundation. Reinforcing steel has a good eco-balance because it is unsurpassed in its use and recyclability. It can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality,” emphasizes Business Manager Olivier Schmitt.