Show truck of the BGHW Trade Association for Trade and Goods Logistics


What does it feel like when a forklift truck tips over? What is the strain on the joints when jumping off a truck?

The employees were able to experience this and other exciting things at first hand on the last event days as part of the health and safety days “Self.Safe.
at three SÜLZLE locations.

The BGHW trainers were able to inspire all participants with a lot of practical knowledge and simulations to experience for themselves on the subject of occupational safety. In a training session lasting about an hour, groups were made aware of hazards in handling forklift trucks, among other things, by means of practical exhibits.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the protective effect of restraint systems in a fall simulator. In addition, the difference between suspended and unsuspended seats and the strain on the spine could be tested. The participants were surprised at the forces acting on the body when simply jumping down from a step.

This action took place together with the BGHW and their show truck – at this point we would like to say a big thank you for the great event!