Second chance for old laptops

SÜLZLE supports the Labdoo aid project


The SÜLZLE Group is once again donating its unused laptops to the Labdoo aid project. The non-profit organization Labdoo has set itself the task of making education accessible worldwide. To this end, it collects used laptops and tablets, securely deletes the data, installs educational software and distributes the devices to kindergartens, schools, orphanages and refugee homes in Germany and abroad.

SÜLZLE’s sustainability team is impressed by Labdoo’s approach, as it not only promotes access to education, but also contributes to environmental protection. By reusing used laptops and avoiding electronic waste, the CO2 footprint is reduced and the environmental impact minimized.

The donation of the laptops is therefore a small contribution to sustainability and the promotion of global educational opportunities. The SÜLZLE Group is pleased to be working with Labdoo to inspire other companies to follow suit.