SÜLZLE apprentice project: Regional meadow orchard
Orchard meadow in Rosenfeld
Apprentice Project:

SÜLZLE apprentice project: Orchard meadow in Rosenfeld

With the project of the regional meadow orchard, the apprentices at SÜLZLE contribute to the topic of sustainability. On more than 1,800 m² of open space, they have set themselves the task of planting a total of 24 apple trees of different kinds to preserve old varieties of litter fruit. In addition, this will create living and retreating spaces for various animals such as insects and birds.

In consultation with the local district office, the plot of land to be planted was first measured and the best places for the trees were chosen. Then, in cooperation with the youth teams of TSG Balingen, our apprentices dug holes for the tree seedlings and planted them in the prepared places on the following day.

The following tasks, which are also taken over by the SÜLZLE apprentices, include the constant care of the trees and the entire property as well as the harvesting and processing of the fruits.

“In addition to the fun we could set an example for a better environment with this action together”..

Carla Brandstetter
Dual Student for Bachelor of Arts at SÜLZLE Stahlpartner

The project data at a glance:




different apple varieties


new fruit trees


Sunny and
but still well protected

External conditions

Long distance to roads & intensively farmed fields

Soil conditions

humus to loamy

Contribution to the goals for sustainable development

Standort des Projekts:

SÜLZLE apprentice project: Regional meadow orchard
Rosenfeld Bohlgraben

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