Sustainable human resources development

Interview with the SÜLZLE personnel team


Which topics are currently particularly important in HR work?
Human resources work, like so many things, is in a state of flux. The shortening of knowledge cycles, increasing complexity and dynamics in the economy and society, digitalisation society, digitalisation, changing values and demographic challenges ensure that we have to face these developments with foresight. As before, our task is to get the right people for the right jobs. This means that we have to position ourselves in the competition as an attractive employer from now on. When discussing strategic issues, we must not forget the high level of service that our colleagues provide. Correct pay slips are a matter of course for us, as is an open ear for concerns and needs.

“Especially in “hot” phases, it is good to know that we act as a team, stick together and can make a difference through the regular and rapid exchange of knowledge and information. knowledge and information, we can make a difference.

Marc Gröger, Team Leader Human Resources

What are SÜLZLE’s priorities in personnel development?
Employees should identify with the SÜLZLE Group. Our success today and in the future depends, among other things, on the performance and willingness of our current and future employees. We can contribute to the company’s success with personnel work that is oriented towards our corporate values. Employees, managers and other experts are involved in this process in order to take into account the needs of our complex group of companies.

“The SÜLZLE Academy will be expanded and integrated step by step into the entire group of companies. Here, topics such as professional and personal development, specialist lectures, safety training, individual workshops and training topics. The first courses have already started successfully. The academy programme for 2023 will be published soon. Get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you.”

Wencke Grobler, Human Resources Development Officer