TSG Balingen
TSG Balingen

TSG Balingen – high-performance and popular sports under one roof

TSG Balingen is the figurehead of soccer in the Zollernalbkreis. Not only since the Oberliga championship of the first team in 2018 and the associated first promotion to the regional league, it stands for sustainable sporting development.

Special emphasis is placed on youth work, which forms the basis for the sporting success of the entire club. As a training club, TSG has the clear goal of bringing as many of its own young players as possible into the active field (1st team and U23). At present, well over 200 children/young people play in the youth teams in Balingen and take part in both regional and national games in their respective teams.

Since 2008, the entire youth work has been based on a comprehensive and sustainable training concept, which guarantees a high-quality development of the players. In addition to the purely sporting aspects, the focus is on conveying values such as social responsibility, learning and adhering to rules, respect and fairness as well as reliability and acting on one’s own responsibility.

Chronicle and development

  • 1907

    Foundation of a first 6-man team

  • 1909

    First competition games

  • 1945

    Internal transformations and first association games

  • 1948

    Championship in the A-League and promotion to the Landesliga Nord.

  • 1963

    Relegation from the II. amateur league (former Landesliga Nord)

  • 1964

    Move up again to the II. Amateur League

  • 1977

    Relegation to the Bezirksliga

  • 1990

    Relegation to the Kreisliga A.

  • 1993

    Move up again to the Bezirksliga

  • 1994

    Move up to the Landesliga and win of the Bezirkscup

  • 1995

    Landesliga champion and move up to the Verbandsliga

  • 2008

    Champion and move up to the Oberliga

  • 2011

    TSG Ballingen II (U23) moves up to the Landesliga

  • 2015

    The U 23 moves uo to the Verbandsliga as champions of the Landesliga

  • 2018

    Oberliga champion and move up to the Regionalliga

  • 2019

    Class retention in the Regionalliga

SÜLZLE als Hauptsponsor der TSG Balingen Abteilung Fußball

Since 2009, SÜLZLE as main sponsor of TSG Balingen’s soccer department has been supporting both the sportive and the general development of the club. The past 10 years can certainly be seen as a continuation of a success story that culminated in the promotion to the fourth highest German league in 2018. The basis of this success lies to a large extent in the local roots, which TSG has always cultivated: In a strong and high-quality youth work, young, talented players from the region are trained and introduced to the active teams, both in terms of soccer and their personal development. Many a path has even led here via TSG Balingen to the Bundesliga.

This concept is also close to SÜLZLE’s heart. As the main sponsor, it is particularly important to us to promote the entire structures within the club. Therefore we do not only focus our support on the first team, but also on all youth teams – from the Bambini to the U19. In this way, we would like to make an important contribution to the TSG’s popular sports sector, which flows smoothly into competitive sports, but still offers everyone the chance to get involved in the club both sportily and personally and to actively participate in shaping club life.We see ourselves as a part of this club life and its organization: For example, we created the SÜLZLE Cup in cooperation with the TSG, which is a soccer tournament for company and public authority teams and has since then always been held as part of the TSG experience day.

Both sides attach great importance to a long-term and sustainable partnership, which is not primarily linked to league affiliation and purely sporting success. Rather, they want to continue and further develop the chosen path together.

We are proud to have found such a partner in TSG, which perfectly represents the values of the SÜLZLE Group with its regional concept, sustainable working methods and social commitment.

TSG Balingen