SÜLZLE commitment

Commitment to the environment and society is tradition for us. We believe that only companies that meet their social, economic and ecological obligations can produce lasting results.

This is why we use environmentally friendly, efficient logistics throughout our Group. This is why we conserve existing resources by using them as efficiently as possible. And this is also why our company centres its actions on people.

Promote, strengthen, support

As a corporate group steeped in history, we take our social responsibility seriously and invest in the future: the Fideldidu environmental education project conveys knowledge about the environment and its protection, but also on children’s rights, to five- to twelve-year-olds in an educationally sound and playful way.

In this way, the children learn to use resources consciously and take responsibility for their planet.


Regional roots need to be cared for, too: we sponsor the TSG Balingen. One the one hand, this is due to our local ties, but also because want to promote the TSG’s lasting club concept: as a training club, it mainly features young regional players and scores with its long-term alignment.