Innovation and advancement are our most important drivers of growth. This is why we apply our experience and knowledge to focus on tomorrow today. Because new ideas are the recipe for our and your success.

…that optimize day-to-day work on your construction site

Time, quality, cost – we know the most important factors for the success of your project and offer products that take effect at just these points. Like our reinforced steel cages that are manufactured exactly according to your specifications with CNC control. Or the threaded couplers from Peikko that allow for a direct connection of concrete reinforcement steel without additional tools.

…that offer you suitable conditions

No two projects are the same. This is why, for us, a tailor-made product solution also includes customised conditions that match your requirements and budget. Purchase, rent or purchase with a buyback option ensure that you have maximum flexibility.

…that connect technology and the environment

Sustainable stewardship of resources is one of our essential core values, both in our own work and while creating new solutions. The best example for this is AK-DOS. The turnkey handling system adds powdered activated carbon, metered to the gramme, to waste water and thus eliminates micro-pollutants safely, efficiently and lastingly.

…that set new standards

Our solutions start where other products stop. We question, think further and are always one step ahead, for example with our patented SÜLZLE KOPF process that extracts energy and heat from dried sewage sludge and reduces CO2 emissions considerably. Or in the processes of our bending plants: In Lübeck, for example, we implemented a fully automated, digitally networked production and logistics concept that allows us, as a pioneer in the construction industry, to shape the future together with our customers.