The clinic clowns are very happy about the donation of Sülzle Stahlpartner GmbH, which was arranged by Uwe Köber on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Sülzle Group.

SÜLZLE Stahlpartner supports „Clowns im Dienst“ in Tübingen

Donation on the occasion of the 140th company anniversary of the SÜLZLE Group


As part of the company’s 140th anniversary, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner in Dußlingen donates 1,400 euros to “Clowns im Dienst” in Tübingen. With their visits to children’s hospitals and nursing homes, the clowns perform an invaluable service and bring joy into the lives of many sick children and adults as well as senior citizens. The goal of the clown visits is to make it easy for children in clinics and hospitals to reach out through the humorous form of communication and to promote recovery with laughter. For the elderly and those with dementia, the clowns have developed a special repertoire. Touch, visual and auditory media, and communication that can dispense with purely intellectual language when necessary are essential components.
The clowns are very grateful for this great commitment. Financed by donations, the clinic clowns have been in action in Tübingen, Reutlingen and Schwäbisch Gmünd for 20 years, providing a little diversion from the daily routine in hospitals with humor and fun.
Despite the Corona pandemic, they try to support the sick people with many creative actions. Through “video visits” or correspondence as well as visits in front of the facilities, the children or old people can enjoy a change and cheer up from the window or balcony.

Because it applies – laughter is the best medicine.