SÜLZLE Stahlpartner is a member of ResponsibleSteel

Cooperation for a sustainable steel industry


SÜLZLE STAHLPARTNER has been an active member of the multi-stakeholder initiative “ResponsibleSteel” since January 2024 as the first reinforcement steel trader and bending company in Germany. The aim of the global initiative is to ensure environmentally friendly and socially responsible steel production along the entire value chain.

SÜLZLE Stahlpartner is aware of its responsibility and has therefore scrutinised its carbon footprint. Climate-relevant emissions are regularly analysed and reduced. As one of the leading steel traders in Germany and a pioneer in the industry, the company wants to offer its partners and customers the opportunity to buy CO2-reduced steel.

“Our membership of ResponsibleSteel shows what drives us every day: We want to be drivers of innovation in our industry and actively address important sustainability issues relating to the supply chain and production processes.”

Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Director

To this end, the company has created automated, digitalised and coordinated production and logistics processes at several locations in recent years. Sustainable, resource-saving and employee-friendly.

The focus is also on the upstream supply chain. Reinforcing steel from electric steel production is predominantly sourced from upstream suppliers, which already reduces the carbon footprint by around 70% compared to conventional blast furnace production. And this from specially selected suppliers. This means that the carbon footprint can be reduced by a further 30% compared to standard electric steel production.

Logistics up to the construction site, largely using our own modern fleet of lorries, is constantly being optimised. This will continue in the future with AI-supported route planning, tracking tools, fuel reduction and investments in future-proof drive systems, among other things.

In future, it will be possible to process and deliver CO₂-reduced reinforcing steel according to customer requirements – also on a project-specific basis thanks to clear batch tracking and batch separation.

More about ResponsibleSteel:

ResponsibleSteel™ is the first global multi-stakeholder standard and a certification initiative of the steel industry and the steel supply chain to promote the responsible production and procurement of steel. Certification in accordance with the ResponsibleSteel™ standard attests to the organisational unit’s compliance with the 12 defined principles. Social and environmental criteria are addressed and evaluated along the entire value chain, ranging from climate change, natural resource management and water management to compliance with human and labour rights. The certification offers credible transparency and traceability.

More information at: https://www.responsiblesteel.org/