Amodes invests in its own amphibian vehicle


In October 2022, Amodes invested in its own TRUXOR T50 amphibious vehicle. The machine’s low ground pressure and gliding ability give it unique capabilities in sensitive water environments. With its powerful tools, the Truxor T50 can be used in challenging environments. On its first job in Bad Brückenau, the vehicle assisted in the desludging of various sewage ponds. It picks up the sludge directly from the bottom of the water course, which is then pumped to Amodes’ innovative MUD dewatering unit for dewatering. The unique feature of Amodes’ special technology is that the filtered water could be returned directly to the water course without the need for secondary treatment. This saved the customer considerable costs for disposal or after-treatment of the filtrate water.

The TRUXOR amphibious vehicle is very environmentally friendly as it hardly affects the existing flora and fauna and ensures a quiet atmosphere. Since it can be operated at low speeds, fuel consumption and noise levels are significantly reduced.