Apprentice days in Rosenfeld 2022


On Monday, 26.09.2022 at around 1:30 pm, our trainees arrived in Rosenfeld from all over Germany. To welcome us, Mr Heinrich Sülzle presented the value wheel and mission statement of the SÜLZLE Group. During subsequent group games, we got to know each other better and became more familiar with each other. After the safety briefing, we went on a tour of the plant. After many interesting explanations and impressions, we ended the evening with Swabian Maultaschen and potato salad.

On day 2, we packed our lunches at around 08:30. From sandwiches to fresh fruit and sweets, there was something for everyone. At 9 a.m. we drove together to the Berolino XL in Balingen, where a ninja course, a free-fall slide XL, a Valo trampoline and much more awaited us. A lot of strength and endurance were required. Many of them mastered the course with best times. As a reward, the winners received a power bank. After 3 hours of exertion, we drove to Dotternhausen to the Plettenberg, the highest mountain in the Swabian Alb. A great view awaited us at the top. Once we arrived at the warm Plettenberg hut, we played a game about diversity, in which we trainees dealt with the topic of “experiencing diversity in the workplace”.

On Wednesday, day three and unfortunately also the last day of the trainee programme, the commercial trainees learned many tips and tricks in an MS Office crash course. The industrial trainees also carried out an exciting business game as part of the presentation on wind energy. Finally, we had a delicious lunch together. Afterwards, we said goodbye at 1 pm.