“Green steel” for KIPP extension building

New logistics centre with sustainable role model character


HEINRICH KIPP WERK is expanding the logistics at its headquarters in Sulz am Neckar. The special feature of the project is that only CO2-neutral reinforcing steel from SÜLZLE Stahlpartner in Rosenfeld is being used. The new building is thus a sustainable investment in the future in two senses. “We are committed to long-term growth,” emphasises Nicolas Kipp, Managing Director of KIPP. “In doing so, we are once again committing ourselves to sustainable action and supporting climate protection with CO2-neutral steel.”

With a total area of 4,300 m2 , the project is a showcase construction project: Modern logistics technology and sustainable building materials help to protect the environment. Around 400 tonnes of “green steel” will be supplied by SÜLZLE Stahlpartner from Rosenfeld for the extension building by June 2021. KIPP offsets CO2 pollution during steel production with a climate protection contribution per tonne of reinforcing steel supplied. This is confirmed by a certificate that Heinrich Sülzle handed over to the building owners Nicolas and Heinrich Kipp. The contribution supports projects in emerging and developing countries. “Steel is also the recycling world champion, as it can be reprocessed again and again without any loss of quality. Hardly any other building material stands for such sustainability,” said Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Partner of the SÜLZLE Group at the presentation of the certificate. “We are pleased about the increasing demand for “green steel” and congratulate the KIPP company on its promising extension building”.

Handover of the “CO2-neutral steel” certificate on the construction site at the HEINRICH KIPP WERK.  (from left to right Nicolas Kipp, Heinrich Sülzle, Heinrich Kipp, Tobias Bronner)

First CO2-neutral reinforcing steel trader in Germany
Since 2020, SÜLZLE Stahlpartner has been a climate-neutral company. For this purpose, climate-relevant emissions were analysed, reduced and compensated. As the first reinforcing steel trader in Germany, the Rosenfeld-based company offers its customers the option of purchasing CO2-neutral steel from its 18 locations throughout Germany. Behind this is a forward-looking solution: in order to compensate for previously unavoidable CO2 pollution, the customer can support global projects that have a positive effect on the climate by making a climate protection contribution per tonne of rebar delivered. A milestone in the rebar industry. Because the trend towards sustainable construction is clear: more and more building contractors, builders and developers are therefore opting for reinforcing steel with a neutral eco-balance from SÜLZLE Stahlpartner.

KIPP builds sustainably
KIPP’s new building will include a logistics extension with shuttle storage, a commissioning area as well as offices and a lounge. “Innovative and leading companies have a high awareness of climate protection and sustainability,” says Michael Frey of architects Schmelzle+Partner, who is overseeing KIPP’s new building project. “By using CO2-neutral structural steel, HEINRICH KIPP WERK is realising sustainable construction and thereby supporting global renewable energy projects.”