Nutzeisen SÜLZLE

New bridge over A8: Shoring and taping for Enztal crossing


The A8 freeway near Pforzheim is one of the often traveled zfreeways in Germany. For a construction project of PST Spezialtiefbau Süd GmbH, SÜLZLE Nutzeisen supplied from mid-April to mid-November 2018 about 560 tons of steel in the form of girders, doubleU´s and web plates according to exact requirements as shoring and taping for the bridge renewal of the “Enztal crossing A8” near Pforzheim.
This project posed a particular challenge, not only because of the heavy traffic, but also because of the multiple shutdowns of the lane, which had to be strictly adhered to. Thus, sometimes less than 24 hours remained between the factory entrance of the specially rolled beams, the pre-fabrication and the delivery to the construction site. Such a tight timing was only possible due to the very good cooperation between the purchasing department, the PST site management and the individual specialist departments from SÜLZLE Nutzeisen.