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“Make a point – not the donor, but the work of the foundation should be in the foreground.”

The vision of the Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation

Dr. Hans Fritz Stiftung – Support for Health Care, Science and Research

The Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation is a charitable foundation from Stuttgart. Independent of government, political parties and industry, it was founded at the beginning of 2016 and since then has pursued the promotion of health care, science and research. The main focus is on the support of the research project in the field of pulmonary fibrosis, papillary/pancreatic carcinoma and pancreatic cancer, as these are neglected by science and industry because they promise little commercial success.

The Foundation’s primary task is to raise funds to support universities, technical colleges and special research institutions and clinics that are active in these areas. In addition, the Foundation also supports organisations and institutions that pursue non-profit objectives and ensures that the resulting scientific research results are made available to the general public.

SÜLZLE Nutzeisen supports the Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation

” ‘No’ is not an option” – under this guiding principle Dr. Hans Fritz started his support. Driven by his personal disease experience and with his expertise from more than 20 years as a high-ranking executive of leading global pharmaceutical companies, he was committed to the research of disease patterns that are neglected for commercial reasons. After his death in 2015, the Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation continues the work in his spirit and secures the Foundation’s long-term and sustainable goals.

SÜLZLE Nutzeisen is proud to support these goals again this year with a donation and contribute to the continued realization of these important research projects.

Christmas donation 2018

Last year we were already able to financially support the Dr. Hans Fritz Foundation at Christmas time. We are happy to be able to contribute to these great projects again this year.

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