SÜLZLE unterstützt die Kunsrakademie

Unique furniture of the academy of arts: Stahlpartner Aichach supports with reinforcement steel mats


As part of the DOKO 18 Congress, a design series was created by three interior design students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Inspired by pre-production and material properties as well as with the support of Stahlpartner Aichach GmbH and the professional fire brigades of Bavaria, the furniture series is characterized by the special characteristics of the used materials. The development of the form took place in the factory, inevitably following the logic of the material and taking advantage of its specific properties. A large number of prototypes led to a harmonious duet of bench and armchair, which finds its place between industrial claim and casual cosiness, hard steel and lined textile. Supported by a loose ensemble of tables, the temporary and scaffold-like lounge stands out.

As soon as you sit down on the handcrafted furniture, the filigree supporting structure made of reinforcement steel mats and firefighter hoses, gives you the feeling of being in a good mood without not loosing it´s specific form. Where otherwise pompous cushions almost swallow you up, the partially filled tube appears restrained and is no less comfortable. The series, currently consisting of the casual chair, a comfortable two-seater and side tables in various formats, is distributed by LEP Design. In September 2018,Stahlpartner Aichach donated the fitted reinforcement steel mats for this special project. A few of these unique pieces of furniture can be used by employees and customers at the Aichach location.