German Agency Award 2022

SÜLZLE recruiting film builds a musical bridge to applicants


The German Agency Award is one of the most important awards for web and advertising agencies in this country and recognises the best implemented projects throughout Europe. In the category B2B/ Recruiting Film, RAV Medienagentur from Ravensburg was awarded the German Agency Award 2022. The project that was honoured by the jury is part of the HR campaign for recruiting employees and trainees of the SÜLZLE Group.

The recruiting spot “what works at SÜLZLE…” has been running on cinema screens in several cities and regions and on various social media channels since October 2022. In the video, a travelling atmosphere is built up in the very first seconds. The full-blooded musician Martin Kilger – former son of Mannheim – made sure of this with his original song adapted to the SÜLZLE company. Together with the employees, an authentic recruiting film was created that entertains and informs. Music, steel and people were brought together and perfectly staged.

On the occasion of the joint winner’s photo on 30 November 2022, the SÜLZLE Group and the RAV agency say thank you for the “German Agency Award 2022”.

Click here for the video!